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Squats – Their Value

Squatting, particular whilst lifting weights is extremely valuable for a healthy lifestyle.

Squatting causes a number of muscles to be brought into play(such as the “hamstrings”) and not the least of these is the Gluteous Maximus otherwise known as the buttock. 

Human buttock

Side view of torso showing human buttock


Did you know that buttocks separate us from the monkeys? That’s right – you guessed it. Monkeys don’t have buttocks like human beings.


Monkeys don't have human buttocks

Monkeys Don’t Have Buttocks

So why are buttocks or the gluteous maximus muscle so important for us humans?

Well, besides giving us something to sit on (as important as that is) one of the main reasons is that they play a key part in keeping us stable when we are vertical. Especially when we’re in action mode – like running.

Unfortunately many people lose strength in their buttock muscles because of the lack of usage (probably used more for sitting than activity) and as a consequence they find it difficult to squat or to bend. Simple activities such as picking up objects or bending over to access low cupboards become difficult.

Man doing a squatting exercise

Man working out in a gym and squatting with weights


If you are in this category then I suggest you do some exercises – particularly squats to strengthen your gluteous maximus muscles.

You don’t have to go to a gym to do them and if you can’t lift weights that’s alright as well. 

If needed, hold onto something – like the back of a chair – and slowly lower yourself whilst keeping your back relatively straight without being bolt upright. Then return to the standing position. Repeat this movement up to ten times or as many as you can.

When your rested, go through the process again but maybe with less movements and then once more after a resting period.

Don’t do any more squats for about four days to allow muscles to recuperate. After a couple of weeks you will find the ability to squat becoming easier so it might be time to forego the chair and squat with small weights in your hands. As time goes on you abilities will increase.

One last thing – as you do these exercises introduce more protein into your diet so that the muscles have enough nutrition for them to grow.

Those that have the opportunity to attend gyms should be able to obtain the help of an instructor who would be able to direct you in the best way to learn to squat.

Picture of the author at his desk.

Author will Mcallister

Inspiration – You can do it!

Here is a video that will inspire everyone that sees it. A man immensely overweight comes to the point in life that he determines enough is enough.

His niece has Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects both the lungs as well as the digestive system by over producing thick mucous – enough to threaten life itself.

So he determines to raise money by running the Boston Marathon that his father had run in 1968 – and use the run to raise money to help his niece.

If he can do it so can you – but remember to get a medical check before you attempt to do what he did.