I have been a holistic health professional, author and public speaker for a number of years having written books and articles on a diverse range of subjects from nutrition,resistance training (weight lifting for health), chiropractic, democracy and children’s fiction.

But the particular focus of this webpage is on health and I find that the image below illustrates that every function of the human body is integrated, each one having effect on each other – important to know.You can’t treat one part without affecting another.

Holistic man

Illustrating how the body is holistically integrated


In line with this thinking we are going to introduce articles, interviews and products that are beneficial for the well being of our families and friends – and of course, ourselves.


No blog, of whatever genre, can function without you – the reader. So it would be great if you could leave a comment or any helpful hint that we can share with our community.

Your imput is always appreciated.


Will McAllister – Author